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All murder victims, their families and loved ones,
and the survivors of the evil murderous perpetrators
who seem bent on destroying our Earth,
one human being at a time,
including the recent Orlando, FL, murder victims of
12 June 2016.

Emmalee Crowell
2004 ~ 2016

Kip Crowell
2007 ~ 2016

Whitby Crowell
1999 ~ 2007

Jasmine Rose Crowell
1992 ~ 2006

Muffin Collie-Flower Crowell
1989 ~ 1999

Nicodemus & Esmeralda Crowell
1973 ~ 1987 & 1989

Reese B. & Janet Lothrop
1902~1978 & 1925~2001

Eleanor & Elmer Crowell
1923~2015 & 1921~2014

Joseph Edward Boike
1955 ~ 2014

John Lincoln ["Jack"] Dearing
1946 ~ 2015

Charles Gary Redding
1945 ~ 2008

Emily Marie Dyer Fricia
1953 ~ 2014

Sue Rowland
1936 ~ 2014

Sarah Tryon Smith ("Rhubarb")
1941 ~ 2013

Jim Lawrence
1943 ~ 2013

You are all still loved and missed!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

An Analysis of Blogging, at Least for Me

The trouble with having more than one blog going is that you tend to just keep updating your favorite one and ignoring the rest of them. At least that's what I've been doing.

I have two blogs at WordPress, one of which is called "From the Hawthorne Tree", that I started years ago but it never got going. I only have four entries in that blog. Today I put #4 in and it is linked here in this paragraph.

The trouble is that I don't enjoying working at WordPress. They got way too complicated for me, and blogging there becomes a real labor-intensive experience and not so much fun. I like easy simple things, and although I do not mean that JournalScape is "simple" in a derogatory way - it is easy to use so it is here I am staying. I just wanted to add a blog entry at WP to update my Hawthorne site... as that is the subject of my morning's internet study today.

I like to share stuff I find with you. That was the point of my "Shout-Out Sunday" entries, but the self-imposed constraint of having to come up with an interesting site every single Sunday morning went against my concurrent urge to be free of such constraints in my retirement years!

I lived my whole life working and doing things for others mostly. There were, of course, times of fun for me, as well, and for my loved ones, but for the most part, years and years went by and all I can remember doing is slogging off to work at 8 each morning and coming home to cook dinner at 6 each night and being totally exhausted all the rest of the waking hours of the days.

When I was lucky enough to get a job doing medical transcription from home, I thought I would have lots more free time but that didn't happen. It seemed I was always typing-typing-typing, in the early mornings, in the afternoons, and in the evenings, just to get my workload done on time. Oh yes, there were times of a lull now and then, but not a lot. When I retired a couple of years ago, the freedom I felt was overwhelming and delicious, and I've been enjoying it ever since.

The internet has added significantly to my enjoyment of this freedom. I am very curious by nature. VERY curious. I drive Paul crazy a lot of times with my questions about everything - like a little kid wanting to know "why" everything happens... like when I first started watching baseball. Paul had been a baseball fan all his life - I never had. I asked a bazillion questions of him and he answered as best he could or wanted to, and now he just ignores my questions because he's just sick of it!

Life has changed for us here. We no longer go on any vacations. Specifically, our mutual love of England & Scotland has been impacted by no more trips abroad mainly due to my lack of mobility. My fault. But I've found a little respite in the internet, and it's here I am most happy - learning things I've always wondered about, millions of things, places, people, events, thoughts and ideas. It's all in there. Or "out there." Wherever "there" is!

So now I've written all this above and never really got to the crux of why I started this entry. I wanted to share with you some stuff I've found, but I've been typing so long now that I need to stop - I want to take a break. Maybe I'll do it next time... get more into what it was I was going to share.

Cheers for now, til next time,


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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