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plans interrupted by fever
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First, my sister was going to take the girls to the theater and lunch and hanging out at another friend’s house. But, then Ariana had a bad fever in the night and woke up with a gunky eye, and she needed a trip to the doctor.

So, I took Miriam and Rose to see Frog and Toad.

We all know my awful sense of direction, so it was quite the miracle that I found the theater and parking with no wrong turns. And I got us home by a completely different route without problems. This is the magic of cell phones, where I called John three times from the car. Rose kept trying to tell me things, and I kept saying, “I can’t talk now. I’m concentrating,” as I pull out into traffic on one way streets and don’t know where my next turn is.

Then we had a very nice time with David taking his nap smoothly, the girls playing independently, and my taking my nap. I was picking out my dancing outfit for the night out we had already had to put off twice before, when David woke up.

David woke up with a fever.

I can’t say my first thought was completely sympathetic. I started with denial—it’s not really a fever; he’s just a little warm from his nap. I quickly moved into anger—No! No! No! I don’t want to get stuck at home again! It’s not fair! Ok, maybe that anger was more like a sulky temper tantrum. Then I over ate to feel better which, surprisingly, didn’t work.

I moved into acceptance when I cancelled the babysitter and David wanted to be held constantly and fell asleep in John’s arms. I didn’t even go back to temper tantrum mode when David woke up pretty much long enough to throw up on my theater clothes. Teach me not to change when I got home.

Now, I’ve just hit trepidation. Will he throw up again? Will he cry half the night? Will he be a grumpy whiny mess? Will I?

John and Rose did get the gluten-free hamentashen made just in time for the Purim festival tomorrow. We’ll see how those plans go.

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