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packing for Chelan
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Let's see-- just found out two friends are pregnant, one friend saved someone's life this week. My big news--nope, I really can't think of any with Chitty chitty bang bang ringing in my ears.

To pack for the clan trip to Chelan:

➢ I made check lists for the clothes, toys, equipment, toiletries, and chocolate.
➢ John and I made a list of all the food we needed to buy here, pack here, and buy at Chelan. When you have gluten-free picky eaters, it's basically the everything.
➢ John baked 2 loaves of bread, 1 chocolate chip banana bread, and 1 carrot cake
➢ I ordered 15 dvds from the library a week ahead of time and picked them up and monitored the kids as they fought over them
➢ John recharged the dvd player, the video camera, and the laptop
➢ I put Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (God help us) and 10 books on tape on my ipod
➢ Yesterday, I took the kids shopping for the food we were bringing from here including the essential mnms for the car ride. We've eaten half of them already.
➢ I packed the snack bags and half the food including 15 koala bars and a box of gluten free cheese crackers.
➢ John and I agreed on how much oatmeal to bring.
➢ I packed half of Rose's clothes with Rose dawdling and complaining and making the whole process drag out over several hours.
➢ John washed the clothes, sorted and folded them (with Rose), and put them away.
➢ I asked the neighbor to bring in our mail.
➢ I found Rose's missing coloring book and bought David new pens.
➢ I packed the benodryl, tweezers, and Neosporin (Can you name all the emergencies these respond to?)
➢ I found all the swimsuits, hats, sand toys, and goggles.
➢ I couldn't find the suntan lotion because John had packed it.
➢ John made sure Rose finished packing.
➢ I packed myself plus David's toothbrush.

Tomorrow morning we need to pack the refrigerator food, make lunches, divide the dvds, pack David which somehow didn't happen today, pack David's toys, pack the car (John's job), and fight over who sits where and which dvd the kids will watch. Then we drive 3.5 hours for vacation.

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