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free cone day
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Wednesday was a lovely afternoon, the first really warmish sunny day. It was also free cone day at Ben and Jerry's, so what's not to love? Rose's school is a five minute walk from the ice cream store and Green Lake, a park with lots of running around space.

Five adults took nine kids. Josh took them to the park while Jeannette and I hung out in line and discussed Passover. David did not spill his ice cream, careen into anyone, or hurt himself grievously. In fact, we got to the park and the kids, all kindergarten to second grade, ran around playing hide and seek while the grown-ups sat in the sun and didn't worry.

When it was time to leave, my kids did not give me grief. I had warned them that if they threw temper tantrums walking back, we wouldn't be doing this again. (When we did this last spring, they threw several temper tantrums.) There was some minor complaining; I had to push David up the big hill in the stroller; but as parenting goes, it was a walk in the park.

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