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Rose's story: Getting my Writer's Journal
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On Tuesday, October 5th 2010 Ms. Humphrey was handing out writers workshop folders to the 1st graders and 2nd graders in room 214. I was thinking "did she forget the 3rds"? Then Ms. Humphrey gave writing paper that had a picture space guide lines to the 1sts and ends. I was still thinking "did she forget the 3rds"? After that Ms. Humphrey sent the 1sts and 2nds off to write, and finally called the 3rds nearer to her in a semi circle on the big red rug. She sofly said "this year I am giving the 3rds writing journals". This made bounce up and down on the carpet and jiggle my knees too. I was so excited. Some of the 3rds (including me) whispered "ooh yah"! But then I had a horrible thought! "What if there was no picture space in these journals"! But Ms. Humphrey smiled and went on. "Since there is no space to draw a sketch in these journals you are going to make a time line." I put my eyebrows together in confusion, how were we supposed to do that? "The way that is going to work is like this." "See this red line" (She pointed to a red line." We all noded our heads. "Well, you are going to make this little mark right here against the red line like this, then you are going to write in ourder what happened from the beginning of your small moment to the end, but don't put to much detail in the time line, O.K."? O.K. everybody chorused softly. In my head I was thinking "ooh I can't believe we got writing journals." "I can't wait use mine" I'm glad she didn't forget 3rds.

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