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the grandparent visit
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Friends kept asking me, what are you doing for spring break? I said, the grandparents are coming to town! John's parents came and spent the week with us; no other plans were necessary.

Luckily, the kids and the grandparents love to do the same things--read books, play games, and eat dessert. It took David a few hours to adjust, but by the evening of the first day, he was curled under Grammy's arm listening to her read, and he only really left to sit next to Grandpa Joe and have him read.

The grandparents brought several games with them. Kickball croquet turned out to be more about kicking the wickets apart then kicking the balls through the wickets, but Mexican dominos was a smash hit. It's just the right combination of luck (mostly) and strategy (a little) to make it possible for everyone to win.

I do so love that my in-laws appreciate dessert as much as I do. John made a banana cake with a fabulous chocolate icing. Then there were trips to the gluten free bakery and the local ice cream store.

And thanks to the grandparents babysitting, John and I got to dancing together Wednesday night, and I was able to get some work done.

Usually, there is a huge let down after the grandparents leave, but luckily, the sun finally came out this week-end, so that eased our transition.

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