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This American lie-detector test
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So my buddy Brian, who's been kicking ass and taking names in the realm of journalism for the last few years, has a segment on this past week's episode of my favorite NPR show, This American Life.

It was very surreal to hear his voice floating over the national airwaves, in the whole narrative TAL format, on Saturday.

I'm not envious. Not in the least. No way.


For any regular listeners, his was the final segement of this past Saturday's "Backed into a Corner" episode - the lie-detector test," aka "Confessions of a not-very dangerous mind."

(I think it's lame that it was the last segment, too - that whole Quizno's story they used for Act I was sort of pointless. Unless they were going for a "finish on a funny note" approach...in which case, I grant Ira Glass my Holy Pardon.)

What's better is I know the guy Brian interviewed, too - "Matt." I wish he could have said what "Matt" does now, because it just makes the story perfect. But oh well.

Anyhow, check it out here.


In other slightly less-impressive news, my oil-drilling feature turned out to be the lead front-pager for Sunday's edition of the News-Press, after all. Big ol' photo of an offshore rig and everything. Giddyup!

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