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Bogota, bitches.
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That's right: Bogota. Not BO-gota. BogoTAH!

This just came out of left field - I got back to the office and had an email waiting, simply telling me that I'd been accepted to intern at the AP either in Bogota or Caracas for the fall.

Caracas - eh, you know. Bogota? Fuck yeah!

In the span of a second, everything can change.

District of Columbia to the District of Colombia.

More on this later...there's this little "filibuster" thing going down today on the Hill. Something about a "nuclear option"? Perhaps I should investigate...

But in the meantime, I'd like to thank everyone who encouraged me - specifically on this blog - to apply for Global, even when it was for Cuba and looked stupid and pointless and, well, generally hopeless.

(And of course, if I wind up with a druglord's bullet through my forehead in some Medellin back alley, it's all your fault.)

This is certainly an amazing surprise - Bogota was not on any original list and this just came together seemingly out of nowhere.

Bogota, bitches!

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