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Day 9: Hit 'Em Where They Ain't
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Like my idol, Wee Willie Keeler, I laid down a Baltimore chop that bounced so high that I managed to get on first base. Another Thing to Fall sneaks onto the New York Times bestseller list, essentially tied for #15 with Lisa Scottoline. And that means I'll be on the printed list.

I was at lunch when I got the (quite unexpected) news. It might be the first time anyone has ever ordered a glass of Dom Perignon to quiet her nerves. Given that this actually cost more than my lunch, I paid for it with my own credit card, not the corporate one. And then, casting around for another way to celebrate, I bought some Whoppers. Seriously. I've been on a diet since Jan. 8th, which might surprise some people who have dined with me recently, and I'm down 12 pounds, so malted milk balls are a Big Deal.

In fact, they might rate slightly higher than the champagne.

Off to work. In what might become a tradition, based on twice so far, I have an exceptionally early rising tomorrow, followed by a busy day. Then home on an exceptionally good Friday.

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