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Cons and Confidence
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Excitement all round today. (Other than work, which simply gave me a headache.) I sent off my first ever query to an agent today. I realise that you're supposed to send out multiple queries at a time, but I'm just going to bask in the smugness of having actually got to this stage. And I am afflicted by the same certainty that always takes me when I send off a story anywhere. I just know it's going to grab the reader and they are just going to have to buy/represent it. My pile of rejections for short stories does nothing to dim that optimism. Hell, I even believe it when I send stories to F&SF, and they've rejected almost everything I've ever written. In a couple of weeks I'll probably send some more queries, but not just yet. Anyway, I've got the other novel to start revising soon, and I really ought to get down to plotting out my next couple of novels. And then there are short stories waiting to be written. At this rate, I could avoid any more queries almost indefinitely.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the whole sending a query to an agent thing is that about six months ago, I built a complex and cool database for Steph and I to track our submissions to agents and publishers, and Steph has been able to play with it, but until now I've had nothing to enter on it. Procrastination is king, and there's nothing like computers to help the king out.


Steph baked banana muffins today, with some minor help from me. They are absolutely delicious. I'm trying not to start my third in ten minutes, but I won't hold out long. Recipe kindly provided by Karina Sumner-Smith on her blog.


The latest copy of Black Gate came through the post this week. The only story I've had time to read so far is Looking for Goats, Finding Monkeys by Iain Rowan. It's a story of a cynical conman in ancient China. It's well written, funny and fast moving. An excellent story all round. Black Gate is due to publish the sequel to this story, apparently, The Turning of the Tiles. I'll be looking forward to it. I'm hoping to get to the rest of the magazine this weekend. I'll post my thoughts on it here.

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