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So the oddest thing happened the other day.

I was skimming the Caller ID for a phone number that I had forgotten. I found the listing for a number I did not recognize attached to a name similar to a friend of mine. Let's call him... Potter. ( Not his real name.). I hadn't spoken to this friend of mine in quite some time as we no longer work in the same place. Anyway, the Caller Id was for a "Bob and Mary" ( Not their real names.), so I (quite naturally) assumed that my good friend had called from some relatives of his, perhaps to invite my family out for some rollicking fun with their family (Similar things have happened before).

So I call "Eviandad", and inform him that I am happily returning his call, my voice full with happy reunion related expectations. He was complely confused. He admitted that while he should be keeping in better touch, he had not actually called. He asked the name on the Caller ID, and confessed to not knowing them (Which generally (but not always (There's those damn parentheses again)) indicates that they would not be directly related). Oh. I make a lame attempt at creating conversation, and end the call.

Now I'm really confused.

So there's nothing else for it: I must call the number on my caller ID and find out who called me. (Some may question why I didn't just do this in the first place. I could tell them, but I'd rather leave a trail of hidden clues for the sleuthful to unravel the mystery for themselves and then revel in the quiet contentment of secret knowledge. Sure.) So I call. A nice lady answers the phone. After the initial conversational confusion of this sort of call where both sides prove that they don't know each other yet still have a reason to be conversing, The nice lady admits that it was her daughter who had called, looking for a young man by the name of Jake (His real name, but so far removed from me as to be completely useless to share with everyone.) who shares my last name. I admitted to not knowing a Jake, and we ended the call cordially.

As I hung up the phone, A thought struck me. For the sake of this discussion, let's assume my last name is.. Cake (Not creative or overly creative? Reach your own conclusions).

Ms. Potter Had called the wrong Mr. Cake looking for Jake Cake because they shared a last name.

In response, Mr. Cake called the wrong Mr. Potter because THEY shared a last name.

A wrong number leading someone to call a wrong number?

I called Eviandad back to share this funny bit of surreality. He laughed, and then suggested what would be the perfect end to the situation.

He would have to call Mr. Jake Cake, and invite him to Young Ms. Potter's Birthday party.

I wonder if bizarre situations like this happen to people like Terry Gilliam ALL the freakin time.

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