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Now Appearing: my short story "He Angles, She Refracts" in Heliotrope issue #3

"The Fate of Captain Ransom" in Strange New Worlds 10

My short story "After The Sky Fell" in Polyphony 5, Wheatland Press

"Messages" appeared in Realms Of Fantasy, April 2001

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November 1999

November 1999
Tuesday, November 2

I didn't get "Messages" back out in the mail. I'm probably going to give it to Bruce Holland Rogers to read. I'd like to know someone else's opinion and thoughts on this story, where I could develope it more, or is it actually fine the way it is.
I feel conflicted. I don't really want to touch that story any more, but yet, judging by the editors of Darkling Plain, it's close and just needs some developing.

If I'm going to have Bruce look at it, I better get it to him before World Fantasy Con. He's not going, but I am. Maybe I can get the story back out in the mail next week.

I also wanted to move October journal entries to a different page with a link. That will probably have to wait until after World Fantasy.
More later . . .

Wednesday, November 10

I brought a cold back from Providence, home of this years World Fantasy Convention. That's okay, it was worth it.

I met and talked to editors: Kim Mohan, Warren Lapine, Gordon Van Gelder, John Ordover. Some of these I talked to more than others. Our writers' group (there were seven of us there) had lunch with Kim Mohan and he gave all of us a copy of the current Amazing Stories.

I did get to talk to Don Maass, however it was very briefly and I did tell him I liked his book "The Career Novelist".

Two of my fellow Clarion classmates were there. Michael Carr and Alex Irvine. I was impressed. Alex, in the last ten months, had sold his first three stories.

I met other new writers like Ilsa Bick from Strange New Worlds II and a recent Writers' Of The Future Winner. Met Utah writers, Bill Shunn and Susan Kroup. And I did say hello and talked with Ron and Lisa Collins.

And I spent less money than I thought I would.
I had an easy time of introducing myself, but I could use a little work with conversations, that is jumping in with my views in a group conversation.

I'm definitely going next year to WFC in Corpus Christi Texas. I'll see how many stories I can get in the mail by then. Writing a novel would be nice too.
More thoughts on WFC later.

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