Yes, yes, yes...finally.
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Hehe...and all I wanted was the license to practice law!?!?
Hey, Rob: Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. :)

Yes, this entry is quite delayed. Too bad. Just be happy that I am updating it now.

So, in the last couple of weeks, let's see... Well, between the Ren Faire and Mother's Day I was able to get together with some friends. A few lunches and dinners, a movie, and some other miscellaneous stuff. Quite nice.

I was able to spend some one on one time with my mom before Mother's Day. It's been awhile since I could do that. Usually, it ends up with my pops or some other sibling there. I don't mind, but I miss one on one with her. We got our nails done, had lunch at this little sidewalk cafe near the parentals' home, and just hung out.

Mother's Day was awesome. I picked up my brother around 11 and headed on over. BBQ and family - where can it go wrong...? Well, when no one knows what is going on but pops. Oh well, in the end, it all came together. Just a few minutes of scrambling to catch up. No harm no foul. Mom had an excellent day. Don and I went in on a gift together. Rob picked out the chemise at Victoria's Secret. I picked out the scents of lotion and shower gel. She loved it all - especially the color fo the chemise. Rob did GOOD!

During the week, I was busy with more job hunting stuff and interviews. I was leaning toward not participating in the graduation ceremony at Pepperdine for my Master's since I really celebrated it with my JD last May. In the end, I stuck with the decision. Frankly, why would I want to go sit in the hot sun in a black velvet robe with people I, for the most part, cannot stand, for the sake of a piece of paper? Like I said, I celebrated last May - really for both degrees, with all of my family; no big loss this go-round. After a JD, the Masters is incidental. However, if the Masters program graduated us with distinction, I would have gone. Alas, the school bites the big one on yet another occassion and does not graduate Masters students with Honors distinction, so no reason to attend. Congrats to some very good people who did graduate this year: Julia, Michael, David, Stacey, Gabriel, Kate, Sarah, John, Megan, Justin, Tina, and all the other good people I did have the chance to get to know through the metriculation, under the watch of Dean Lynn (bowtie and all).

That brings me to this weekend - Saturday was pretty uneventful. I had to get some cleaning done, laundry, and all the other boring household crap I love to groan my dismay over. Sunday, however, was universes better; Rob and I went to Pantages Theatre for Mama Mia. This was my fourth show and Rob's first. He liked it, I suppose as much as a guy can. The sound guy should be F-I-R-E-D - SO awful. There were times you could not hear singing over the music and times you heard certain mucial instruments drowning out other, more important, instruments. Also, something I had not realized...after seeing a show in London theatre, it is never quite as good here in the States. Something about London theatre... Anyhow, after the show, we went to The Grove for dinner. Came back to the apartment and hung out for awhile, watching tv, and finishing some last minute stuff for his background packet. He meant to be home early so he could get enough sleep to wake up early today, but didn't get out of here until 8:30. He made it home by 9, so it wasn't too bad. Probably exhausted today, poor guy.

Today, I am wading through mass emails (if I do not respond to yours, I kindly refer you to my last journal entry re: the Bar Exam and your issues with it not meaning a whole He** of alot to me right now), job search information, scheduling, reading friends' journals, and, yes, finally updating my journal. I am also anxiously awaiting a call from Rob. He had his background interview today with LAPD. I am sure he will be fine - he has an incredibly clean background and will pass the physical and psych stuff with no problem. Still, it is something he has wanted for a very long time; totally understandable that his nerves are going a million miles a minute.

Other than that, a down day for me. Going to finish the household chores I did not finish Saturday - the floors, the dishwasher, clearing through misc crud... Such fun!

I am hoping to get some girlie time in with Jen this week. We have been popst-poning it until she feels better. She seems to have been up and about the last few days, so things are looking good, I suppose. Next week is going to be a long overdue Club 33 take-over with some friends of mine from college. It will be sad to not have Nat and Mel with us, but we all decided to get together following Bar results - win or lose. This will be one of our last grand get-togethers since everyone is scattering to the four winds. We gave up our season tickets to the Angels (I am going to enroll for four of them beginning next year since I am not leaving to Sweden) and have all made some big changes in the last year. Sad, but not really. Other than the closer inner-circle, I think we will all stay in touch. Funny how things end up. You would think the inner-circle would be the one strong enough to endure, not the other way around. Such is life. We will make this one count!!!

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