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NBA Draft Report Card
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Cleveland Cavs- They had the number one pick and the number 4 pick. They choked. They should have grabbed Williams and then a PG with the 4th pick. I don't understand taking Thompson, a 6 foot 7 PF, that high. They could have done better. Their trade of Hickson to Sac will come back to haunt them also. Remember when Hickson was untouchable?

TWolves. I have to wait until they do something with Beasley. Unless they move Love to center and go Love/Beasley/Williams. They ended up with their center when they got Montejunas. Then, like the TWolves will...they choked!!!

Jazz- They got two of the best players in the draft. They may have had they did better than the Cavs and they picked 3 and 12.

Raptors- They got their center of the future. Now, let's see how soon he can come over and play.

Wizards- Because they got three people who can play right away- they actually had the best draft. Vesely and Singleton and Mack will all make the roster.

Bobcats- If they are positioning themselves for the number one pick in the next draft- they did well. If they are planning to get better...HAHAHAHA. Bismack went WAY to early and at best, he MAY be the next Ben Wallace. More likely, an Adonyle Foyle. The traded away their only scoring threat...

Pistons- If you count SIngler in the 2nd round- they did pretty well. Knight may be a star one day...

Kings- From a basketball point of view- they did well. From a marketing point of view...excellent. They got three people who can make their roster and they got Salmons and Hickson. Overall, they are much better than last year. If Fredette can play in the out

Warriors- Depends on what they do now. If they stick with what they have and do not trade Ellis- I am happy. Can Thompson play small forward? Can Jeremy Tyler play center in the NBA? We will find out as soon as the lock out is over...

Suns- They needed a PF and they got one. They needed more picks though.

Rockets- Excellent. They debated wether to take Morris or Montejunas. THEY GOT BOTH!!!

Spurs- I like what they did. They got Leonard, who should have gone in the lottery. They also picked up Joseph and Bertans....both can make their soon as Bertans is free

76ers- Yuck. They took another center who probably can't play in the NBA.

Knicks- Double yuck. They could have done much better

Bucks- If you include the Stephen Jackson trade, they did all right.

Blazers- Yuck also. Except they got much younger at PG

Nuggets- They got two steals in the draft. They have a pair of forwards that can play for the next ten years in the league

Bulls- they did well...just wait three years and see

Thunder- They now have a back up point guard for Westbrook

Nets- I guess they did well for what they had t choose with. I would have thought they made a deal though

Celtics- ditto

Heat- May have got their PG

Magic- Did better than expected with low picks

Clippers- Awesome. They got two players for the future with low picks

Lakers- Can Morris by their PG?

Hawks- Glad to see they grabbed a center

Grizzlies- Why did Selby fall to them? He will make them better

Pacers- Huh? Not a single pick

Mavs- Got Rudy Fernandez with no picks


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