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A Blow for Family Values
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Some politicians must think that Jon Stewart's job is too hard so they are doing what they can to make it easier.

Bob Allen, Republican Florida Representative, former co-chairman of John McCain's Florida campaign, recently was arrested for soliciting sex from an undercover policeman in a park bathroom. One bizarre twist is that Mr. Allen allegedly offered the officer $20 if he, Mr. Allen, could fellate the officer...instead of the opposite that most people might expect.

The second bizarre twist is that Mr. Allen was recorded explaining to a police officer why he offered the $20 and the hummer to the undercover officer...Mr. Allen said he was afraid because the undercover officer who arrested him was a large black man. The Daily Show had a field day with that one...they said that it was a little known fact that when the million man march came to Washington DC, both sides of the mall were lined with white men fellating black men out of fear.

From the Washington Post piece about the situation: "Not only was Allen's voting record staunchly anti-gay, he also sponsored a bill last session to strengthen Florida's laws against public sex, lewdness and indecency."

One writer on the internet noted that readers of Carl Hiaasen won't be remotely surprised by Mr. Allen's story.

Here's another article on the situation from
Florida Today.

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