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Reciprocal Defenestration?
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I am pleased to hear about a large group of conservatives in the House of Representatives agreeing that laws conferring rights on citizens in one state must be respected in other states, and together with lots of democrats, recently passed a bill to this effect, 272 - 154. The bill is soon to come up in the Senate. Hold on to your celebratory confetti, supporters of gay marriage. This bill is not for you--it is for the NRA, natch. It's the "National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act" and it says that if you have a concealed firearm carry permit in one state, it must be respected in other states.

Felicity! This must mean that these republicans are defenestrating 200 years of conservative states' rights advocacy and had some sort of epiphany on limiting states' rights (that or a festival of cash from the NRA)...and surely believe that since a concealed carry permit from Texas must now be respected in New York (despite the fact that New York may not want you to have a concealed weapon in their state) your gay marriage permit from New York must also be respected in Texas. Right? What's that I hear, deafening silence? Some mumbling about imperfect analogies? Oh, you like states' rights when it coincides with your underlying opinion but you hate states' rights when it conflicts with your underlying opinion? So you hypocritically switch back and forth whenever it's convenient? Got it. Check.

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