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An April Fool
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It's easier to detect an April Fools' piece if you read it on April First...but I have to admit my gullibility on two pieces I read yesterday, April 3rd. The first was Google's plans for a driverless NASCAR car...I thought it was a little silly but I figured that's Google for you, pushing the envelope. I didn't realize it was an April Fool joke until later in the day. But given that Google's Project Glass (look it up) is not an April Fool's joke, you can't quite be ready to sell me a bridge over the Google NASCAR idea.

Or, maybe you can sell me that bridge after all...the second was in the Economist, an article about bespoke pets (about a company called Gene Duplication Corporation of San Melito, CA, or "Gene Dupe" for short). I regret that my first thought was: "That's absurd, I have never heard of San Melito, it must be a typo for San Mateo." (And not: "That's absurd--three dimensional printing of bespoke pets--must be April Fools.") But at least I am not a complete moron--I realized well before the end of the article that it was a joke.

Finally, on a serious note, I read a great obituary in the same issue of the Economist for
Lyn Lusi, a remarkable English woman who had the Congo in her heart and soul. She married a Congolese man who was the only orthopedic surgeon in the entire country of eight million people. Lusi devoted her life to improving the lives of people there.

That obit coupled with the Fresh Air interview of the NYT Africa Chief last night, just makes me want to weep for the whole continent.

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