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When the writer becomes the center of his attention, he becomes a nudnik. And a nudnik who believes he's profound is even worse than just a plain nudnik. -- Isaac Bashevis Singer
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My Very Educated Mother

No doubt you've heard the news today about a newly discovered planetoid named Sedna found by NASA. I sure hope they don't classify it as a true planet or it will mess up the mnemonic I've been using since I was a kid to remember the order of the nine planets. The mnemonic I learned was "My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nice Pickles." I hate pickles, but I never forgot the planets with this little sentence. It's burned in my brain along with "Roy G Biv," "Every Good Boy Deserves Favor," "Father Charles Goes Down And Ends Battle," and "Old Homes Are Houses Of Ancients." You know all of those, right?

Now they're threatening to add a new planet and ruin My Very Educated Mother. Damn.

How about "My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nice Potato Salad."

Hmmm. Potato salad. I don't like potato salad either. Yeah, that'll work, I guess.

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