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When the writer becomes the center of his attention, he becomes a nudnik. And a nudnik who believes he's profound is even worse than just a plain nudnik. -- Isaac Bashevis Singer
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New, Blue Cheer!

Same old laundry detergent, but in a spiffy new box.

OK, so we're calling the blog Plain Banter now instead of Brain Planet Days. Plain Banter was the name I had been using for my monthly essays, when I was still doing that, but since starting the blog I haven't done too many of the longer essays. Plain Banter is one of my favorite anagrams and it was sort of going to waste, so now it's the name of the blog. Which means I'll have to go change the name on all my web pages to point to Essays instead of the old Plain Banter name.

I also added an RSS link to the top of the blog page. If that doesn't mean anything to you, feel free to ignore it. It's a way to add these blog entries to news aggregators (like, say, your MyYahoo page) so you can tell when something is added to the blog without having to keep checking the blog site. If you are into RSS, that link is a 2.0 RSS feed. There are a bunch of different feeds you can grab at: (another 2.0 feed) (another 2.0 feed) (another 1.0 feed) (another 1.0 feed)

And I also changed the blog to a slightly different layout and a new color scheme, just to emphasize that it's All New and Improved! I'm sure you're suitably impressed.

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