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If I had any sense, this one would be scrubbed.

Hitting the shower. A ritual, once under way, so time after time predicatble but with the warm water and cleaning up there's hardly cause for anxiety. Here it's generally two applications of shampoo and the initial one is followed by cleaning the face with the second of four specialized soaping agents kept on hand. But what's this I do? I make sure the shampoo is rinsed from my fingers before proceeding to face and, later, the general scrub down.

Nice to know some things in the upbringing, the strict enforcement of materials to be kept in place and not mingled, hang on after lo these many decades. But considering my nice shiny apogee, perhaps I should get more out of my slightly pricey shampoo(s).

Oh, yes, did I mention there are three basic examples of the latter? Too Much Information will stop on that line, but I hope I present a somewhat tidy self as I set off to collect more trail dust.

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