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In a parallel cyber-verse and still a male---

---puts off asking directions.

For my previous entry, I thought I'd avail myself of at least two miracles come a cropper from our on-line age: I'd find out whose version of "California Soul" and I'd revise the entry itself. Unlike our turnover-has-turnover quick pulse era, though: not so fast.

I looked up KCRW's play list, but I scoured the list I found up and down and couldn't find "CS", let alone the Beatles tune! Was this an alternative universe? Just like this last visit to the grave found me forgetting Dad's row number and, off by one in the hundreds column, I spent a half hour looking where it wasn't.

Okay, I'd found KCRW's 24-hour podcast play list instead of the on the air one! But looking for the play list I found only dee jay names. Since today's jockey was a lady and there were fewer to click on, I finally found the list for noon to four on this March 24th but no California Soul or, again, Beatles.

I went to Amazon and, thanks to the fact this song has somewhat fewer covers than "Yesterday" or "Stars And Stripes Forever", determined it was by Marlena Shaw. Oh, yes, the ten second sample for prospective download purchase sounded just like the affectingly hazy arrangement on the radio.

Afraid of the dark, we are, but parallel universes intrigue us even if in reality such a thing could be quite variable in the comfort category. So I felt on line looking up the song: where was I---really? But in the end, one just has to figure into which universe to look.

Or cubby hole. Female disc jockey at the beginning, variation on all too accurate old male joke at the end.

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