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She's like the girl in the movie when the Spitfire falls
Like the girl in the picture that he couldn't afford
She's like the girl with the smile in the hospital ward
Like the girl in the novel in the wind on the moors

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Pouty lip

Words Written: “What Price Beauty?” (redraft): impossible to quantify

I woke up this morning with two words in my head: “first person”. Yep, had to change the story again. It finally works, I think, after four drafts. It’s hard to say how much I wrote, because I was able to lift chunks from two of the previous drafts. Phaedra and Chris are doing a final read-through; Louisa already said I successfully fixed the issues she saw.

Oddly, I feel like writing more. I have the energy—just not the time! I still have four proposals to read. I read a full novel yesterday and one today, too.

I don’t want to go home. [pouty lip] I want to stay here and write.


Okay, two more novel proposals read. I can do one more tomorrow night and one Saturday night, because I scheduled them reasonably well. Tomorrow morning, I’ll make any changes to “What Price Beauty?” and to my second Battlecorps story (per editorial request), and get them sent out before the workshop starts. Whew.

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