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She's like the girl in the movie when the Spitfire falls
Like the girl in the picture that he couldn't afford
She's like the girl with the smile in the hospital ward
Like the girl in the novel in the wind on the moors

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Um. Ow.

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Tuesday: CSF 679

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So a married British MP has gotten his girlfriend pregnant, his wife is sticking by him, and through all the furor, I haven’t seen anyone comment on the fact that his wife’s statement includes “So many problems in society are caused by single parents and the breakdown of the family…”

Holy crap on a stick. Why are single parents (and advocates) not rioting in the streets over that?


Apologies for going dark over the past few days. I did write a Saturday entry, just never posted it, and Sunday’s entry is rather whiny and I may just delete it. Short version is that my lower back is messed up and I’m in a lot lot lot of pain. It’s just annoying the a.m., but as of Sunday, it’s excruciating by the time I go to bed (as in, I can’t stand or sit upright). Of course, since it’s not as bad in the morning, I’ve carried on to work. Then by the end of the day…

I finally figured out last night why the chapter I was working on was fighting me every step of the way, and the new direction is humming along. It’s put me even farther behind, but at least things are moving.

I would very much like to lie in bed and read children’s books until my back feels better. But, since that’s not going to happen, I guess I just won’t dwell on it.


My boss called me “clever” today. Isn’t that lovely? Such a sweet word, “clever”. I thought I was just being logical, but there you have it.


Oh, and my evil plan worked: Morgana and Brian love “Firefly”! Bwahaha!


New plan. I’m working at home tomorrow as well as Thursday and Friday, so I can go to the chiropractor in the morning.


Blessed Solstice to you all! I hope to celebrate properly tomorrow, when (touch wood) my back feels better.


Currently Reading: Always a Bridegroom, Tesni Morgan; Maida’s Little School, Inez Haynes Gillmore Irwin
Lately Listened To: Eurythmics Greatest Hits
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