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"Handedness (Pawedness?) in Animals"

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3 Kenny (mail) (web)
3:07 pm, Oct 17, 2007 CDT
Until you can isolate inherent handedness and acquired, then I'm not really swayed by the asymmetry argument.

Parents teach their kids how to write with their right hand and there are plenty of kids who I've seen that clearly are inherently left-handed, but use their right hand because they were indoctrinated to do it that way.

In addition, there is a social stigma (at least in this country) with being left-handed. In elementary school there are 30 pairs of "scissors" and 1 pair of "lefty scissors." If you were left-handed, wouldn't that make you want to deny it and force the use of your right hand?
2 Chris Chatham (mail) (web)
2:55 pm, Oct 17, 2007 CDT
Handedness in humans is immensely asymmetric (9:1), and holds across activities (so demonstrating hand/paw preference in animals in a single activity is not comparing apples to apples).

Animals may show some preference here or there, but to show handedness in the human sense you have to document wide scope, immense asymmetry, and that it was not learned through imitation.

Still, a very interesting post.
1 Kenny (mail) (web)
1:29 pm, Oct 17, 2007 CDT
I've already done that research, my cat is right pawed. When we're playing and she attacks me, she does it with her right paw. When she's pulling food out of her bowl, does it with her right paw. When she's dipping a paw into the water to see test the surface.... right paw.
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