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Sunday proved a bit too much for me. We arrived at my inlaws around 1pm and didn't leave until nearly 10:30. The boys spent much of the day in the pool so my ass was parked in a wrought-iron chair on the pool deck for more hours than I care to remember. Other than my inlaws, everyone at the "celebration" were people I had never met and really didn't feel the desire to get to know them. Imagine spending all those hours in the hot sun, in a home that makes you feel uncomfortable and surrounded by 40-50 people you don't know?

Monday was spent nursing my sore back and even sorer ass cheeks. Hey, inlaws...ever heard of patio chair cushions?? Guess not.

Tuesday was a little better, especially since Tuesday night was to bring the premiere of Big Brother 5. Don't laugh at me for liking reality shows. Notice I said "was" to bring the premiere? That's because a brief rainstorm came through and the fucking power was out from 5:30 pm until 4:30 am. I ended up watching BB5 on a 5-inch b/w t.v. that runs on batteries. Around midnight, I tried to go to sleep and end the suck-ass day but things weren't much better. I like to sleep with the a/c cranked and a fan blowing on me. That fan is more than much-needed air...it's a steady drone that lulls me to sleep. Without it, I heard every friggin' noise my ears could possibly decipher. Ever notice how NOISY a house is during the dead of night? Hell, the night was so still I could hear my husband's digestive system running at full-speed.

Some asswipe called at 4:19 am and hung up when my husband answered. If the power hadn't come on at 4:30, I think I would have gone into destruction mode. You know that mode, right? That's the one where everything in your way becomes airborne.

It's nearly 10 am and I'm exhausted. My mouth is cotton-dry but I can't drink anything because I'm nauseated. Somewhere in the middle of all this I forgot to take my meds and my blood sugar is severely elevated.

Isn't life grand?


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