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We have created this journal in the hope you might share your fiction. The idea is to take time each day to write.

Feel free to offer anything, be it an on-going story, a short piece of fiction, a poem, a riddle, or whatever takes your fancy.

Some days we might offer prompt words, ideas or directions, which you can employ or ignore. This is simply to encourage more writing, more criticism, and more of a word-based community.

Anything you want to see posted should be sent to the email link posted on this page; this account will be checked for submissions twice a day and then posted as soon as possible.

In your email, please specifiy the following:

- whether you want your writing to be posted publicly or privately (note: if you choose to write privately, the group name and password will be emailed to you)
- if your writing is a stand alone piece or part of a bigger project, to be posted in segments
- whether you would like a link posted to your blog or website.

CAUTIONARY NOTE: Please treat others and their stories as you would like to be treated. Constructive and respectful criticism is appreciated, as are comments praising a person's writing.

We hope you feel like joining in. It really is as easy as:

(1) write your words
(2) email them via the email link on this page
(3) comment on posted stories
(4) repeat above.

Happy writing!
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"Fiction?" by James Museless, pt 3

"Hey Jimmy!"

He instinctively turned his head before his brain could interrupt. Being sociable was pretty low on his to-do list when taking a pouty, self-flagellating walk in the rain - you're supposed to be alone when you do that.


He wondered who could see him through the rain and dark, and when he saw her face, he didn't know who was looking back at him. "Yes?"

"Oh, I'm sorry sir, I thought you were someone else."

Hmm. 'Sir' didn't sit too well. 'I'm sorry' would have done much better. "Well, you got my name right."

"I did?"

"Yup. Too bad you don't know me, because you'd undoubtedly love to stroll through the rain with a melancholy self-loathing friend right now, wouldn't you?" He managed to sound a little cheeky and self-deprecatory rather than mean or condescending.

"Well, um. Why not?"

Whoever she was, in the calling of his name, well, ok, it wasn't really his name but .., she had brought forth the irreverent side of Jimmy and that was as close to grace as the night seemed to promise, so .. a wet, cold walk with awkward almost-conversations was on tap.

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