Eng 102- Assignment 2

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Project 2- Rhetorical Analysis: The Search For The Truth And The Method Behind The Search

You need to first reread Writing Arguments pp. 12-14.
We are looking at the motives and techniques that writers of argument use. We are looking to point out the usage or misusage and explain why and how it conveys the purpose of the argument.

Using the concepts of logos, ethos, and pathos; audience, author, and purpose, analyze the arguments of one of the following:

A) Anne Coulter and others- Go to choose op/ed on the left hand column and write an analysis of any one of the columns. Choose something recent (within the last year). Coulter's columns should be good for seeking out logical fallacies (There are also less sensationalist, more moderate opinions from the left and the right available on that website if you prefer).

B) Michael Moore- Fahrenheit 9/11 or others- Any film by Moore is also a good film-text for finding flaws, although some are related to his film style and deal more with selective editing. You can use a site such as Michael Moore's website ( to look for supplementary information. You may also use anti-Michael Moore sites like David T. Hardy to guide you (, although beware that agendas on sites like these are motivated by anti-liberal bias (so take everything with a grain of salt). Because Fahrenheit 9/11 does not come out on video/dvd until early October, you might want to rent or check out from a library: Bowling For Columbine, The Big One, or Roger & Me. You may opt to use one of his books such as Dude, Where's My Country?, or Stupid White Men.

C) "Gay Marriage, an Oxymoron" by Lisa Schiffren located on page 590 of our textbook. Then read "Here Comes The Groom: A Conservative Case for Gay Marriage" (586). Analyze both separately. You will then point out the contrasts and similarities in the rhetoric of the two essays in the last section.

Be sure and point out any fallacies(flaws) in their arguments.
Consider including into the essay an analysis using the Toulmin Schema if you find that you are short of the length requirement.

I will grade on a 0-10 system using the following:

*Write 3-5 pages, double space and standard MLA format
*Refrain from opinion (as much as possible) use 3rd person
*Summarize the source (essay, column, film, etc) and include a statement indicating whether the argument is Sophist or Socratic and explain why
*Have a strong thesis and maintain good organization
*Use parenthetical citation, and have a work cited page using MLA Style
*Clear, concise prose free of grammar, punctuation, and related errors
*Demonstrate language sophistication through variety of words, sentence patterns, transitions inside of and between paragraphs, and through other rhetorical skills such as humor, irony, repetition, parallel structures, etc…
*Demonstrate knowledge of logos, ethos and pathos and related fallacies
*Demonstrate the contextual awareness of the work's author, audience, and purpose
*Complete and include a copy of rough draft and peer review

(10=A, 9=A, 8=B, 7=C, 6=D, etc)

Rough Draft Due_______________

Sec21 10/4
Sec 35 9/30
Sec 50 9/30

ddFinal Copy Due_____________

Sec 21 10/6
Sec 35 10/5
Sec 50 10/7

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