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Obviously in no particular order
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I don't usually do blog-type entries, but what the hell, it's a Friday!

You've all heard about Anne Rice going crazy over at Amazon, yes? She posted a rather vicious response to the Amazon reviews her book Blood Canticle has been getting. Anyway, that's not what I wanted to point out to you. No, I want to show you that even Something Positive, the very cool web comic, is getting into the Anne Rice action. Hee!

I've been spending too much time reading about this book for sale over at eBay. The author showed up over at Teresa Nielsen-Hayden's blog and is entertaining, in a scary, crazy kind of way. I don't think it's a joke any longer, unfortunately.

Um, well, you probably already knew that Mount Saint Helens blew earlier today. Not as bad as in 1980, which is a good thing. Makes me kinda glad I'm not living in Portland at the moment; I'd be nervous.

What it's really like in Iraq right now. From the site: "Farnaz Fassihi is a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, currently assigned as their middle-east correspondent, based in Iraq. A few days ago, she sent some friends an email describing the real state of affairs in the country -- no spin, no editorial control, no publisher's censorship, just one unhappy person letting her friends know what she's faced with. The email was forwarded on to a number of colleagues, and from there it escaped into the blogosphere."

I'm really fond of this week's story over at Fishnet. If you don't mind kinky erotica, check out "Under the Island" : http://www.fishnetmag.com/archives/2004/09/under_the_islan.html

The DNC released a new ad based exclusively on video footage from last night's debate: Faces of Frustration.

I'm dying to see this, but I can't get it to run on my work computer; I'll have to try at home.

Dave Moles has a list of the cosponsors of H.R.4674: “To prohibit the return of persons by the United States, for purposes of detention, interrogation, or trial, to countries engaging in torture or other inhuman treatment of persons.”

While Massachussetts’ Representative Markey is struggling to get five percent of the House to co-sponsor this bill, the House Republican leadership is doing its best to legalize the outsourcing of torture.

My representative (Barbara Lee) is on the list, so all I can really do is pass this along. If you need more personal reasons why you might want this bill to pass, Teresa Nielsen-Hayden has some compelling, yet chilling reasons for you. If the text at that link looks to long to read, then at least scroll down and read Teresa's take on it, which begins with "Let's talk about torture."

And, just to end on an up note, Chol explains to us why the phrase "Your ass is like the buffalo" is one of the most romantic, ever.

That's it. Have a good weekend everyone!

Read/Post Comments (2)

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