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Control Room v. F911
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Having a 3 day weekend this past weekend afforded me the opportunity to check out 2 of the movies that have been on my list to see...Michael Moore's "F911" and the documentary "Control Room" made by the "Start-up.com" guys about Al Jazeera. I really, really enjoyed both of these movies, but for different reasons.

1. Both of them covered stuff about the war in Iraq. 2. Both had clips of Bush and Rumsfeld.
3. Both had information that I had not heard before in the mainstream media.
4. Both were fair and balanced.

Ok, 3 out of 4's not bad.

Control Room was fair and balanced for the most part, but F911 didn't even attempt to be. I was prepared for that, however, having read so many articles online about the flick. What I wasn't prepared for was my enjoyment of F911. I figured that I'd just be angry the whole time that both sides weren't be presented. You know me...there's always two sides to every coin.

But because F911 was so over-the-top one sided, I was able just to sit back and enjoy it for what it was...Moore's view of his world.

As far as documentaries go, though, F911 doesn't even qualify. Look for Hollywood to recognize that and give next year's Oscar for Best Documentary to anyone but Moore. (You know me...as someone once said about me, "you're the most naive person I know").

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