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"In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed." Kahlil Gibran

the big bitch is always lurking.....

Apparently patience is not one of my greatest virtues.

Today was chemo day, a process that should take about 4 hours at took closer to 8. If there's anything that really ticks me off, its waiting...that act alone brings out the big bitch.

Wait for results of blood tests. Wait for a phone call to the doctor. Wait for the nurse to order the meds. Wait for the pharmacy to send meds to the floor. Wait for the nurse to enjoy her coffee break. Wait...wait...wait!!!!!

But...its done, full dose this time, and I'm glad to have it over. I don't even mind spending the next couple of days with my head in the bucket cause I know it won't last forever.

However, it was not the waiting that brought out the big bitch was the compromise.

As I mentioned before, the Predisone kicked my ass and I vowed never to take it again. My sweet little Doctor Hitler had other ideas. She was so pleased with the results of the few days that I did take it, she insisted it was the best way to get the platlets back to normal.

Upon hearing my complaints, she said that it was not an allergic reaction, it was just a "few" side effects and she was sure I could live with them.

I assured her I could not. So then she started haggling...

well...take a half a dose...see how that works.

No..I'm not taking a half dose.

How about just 30 mg?

Can't you hear me? I'm not taking that sh*t...its killing me.

Oh c''re can handle it...look at how good its working...your platlets are up from 23 to 75..isn't it worth a shot?


Yes it is...I'll make you a compromise...try 10 mg for 7 days....if you're still living...take 20 on the 8th day and then in a week we'll test the blood again.

What could I do? I reluctantly agreed too try the 10 mg.

If I turn into a penis bearing wherewolf with a nasty disposition it will because my inner bitch was just not strong enough to say NO this time.

We'll see.


One of my favorite things about this time of year is that the catalogs start pouring in. I got 6 of them today...It amazes me...the things you can find in a catalog.

I always make this ginormous list of the junk I wanna buy when the catalogs first arrive. Thankfully, sanity returns sometime before the middle of November and the list grows shorter.

The Swiss Colony catalog is one of my favorites...chocolate...chocolate...chocolate...that list usually grows.

I also like Harriet Carter....such good junk and gadgets.

LLBean...what can I say?

I like to shop by fighting the crowds in the stores and the items usually come with a fitting box so I don't have to cobb together a way to wrap them.

Its hard to believe the holidays are getting so close...this year has gone so fast. I have vowed to have all my shopping done by the end of November...but, I've done that before and still found myself at the counter in the Bargain Outlet on Christmas eve. Ah well...the theory is good.

My little bucket is to ya soon.

hugs to all.

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