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-- Lon Prater
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as you can guess

things around here are pretty busy.

I have bought plane tickets (less than $400.00 round trip out of the town where I live, one stop--probably Boise--WOO!).

I have bought books. Oh, heavens, I have bought books. An insane amount of books, but one has to study up before they go, so....

I started my reading with Chuck Palahniuk's "Guts" on-line. Not for the faint of heart, sensitive, nor for work. Dude, my butt still hurts. If I were a guy I suspect other bits would be feeling insane amounts of pain.

It's beautifully written, effective, and total shock. Does he do this on purpose? Does he desire to shock the everlivingbejeezus out of people, or is this just what comes out? (Evidently all three ... segments came from real life anecdotes.)

I may ask, we will see.

I totally want to re-watch Fight Club; and no, it has nothing to do with the fact that Edward Norton is in it. (Do dee do.)

Actually, Fight Club is how Rice has been beginning his explanation of his and my leave of absence for ye olde folk, like his current supervisor at the project he's working on. Most people around here who are not of our generation have not seen it, it seems. Perhaps best... Anyway, yes, the supervisor hadn't seen it, but thought that Rice was going to tell him I'm a boxer and was off to do some sort of boxing something something that one thing or other. Tee hee. I'm a boxer. Actually, I think we should tell people I'm off to learn how to make soap... ;)

There's much reading ahead of me, and much writing, and much critting practice. It's like grad school prep, only much, much cooler in a mind-blowingly insane lovely kinder way.


I HAVE to read Connie Willis. Oh yes, this is my kind of education.

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