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twelve for the twelve Apostles
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[Subject line from "Green Grow the Rushes, O!" which is running through my head.]

Twelve things that have made me happy since the last time I posted:

1. Went to my first yoga class in over a year. It was a kapha session (think Old Turkish Lady yoga) that was perfect for how beat-up I was feeling...

2. ...but I also needed something more intense, so I hit the gym later that night as well. Go me! Iron Chef America: Battle Leg of Lamb came on while I was there, so that resulted in an extra hour on the bike. :-)

3. Made it to the gym again last night. (There was a tornado scare earlier in the evening, so the inner sloth was doing its darnedest to persuade me that I didn't want to go out driving on a rainy night, but inner badass eventually prevailed.) It helps that my new favorite show is The Best Thing I Ever Ate -- I deliberately timed my workout to coincide with it, and the segment featuring Ted Allen, Art Smith, and the fried chicken at Table Fifty-Two made me laugh out loud, as did Sunny Anderson's reaction while the credits rolled.

From cooking 2011

4. Speaking of food, I took a bottle of plonk and turned it into this dessert for a garden party. Pretty, innit? And it was fun to watch one of the kneebiters poking at it...

5. This morning was perfect for hiking around Radnor Lake. My friend and I got hissed at by a goose, saw lots of pretty purple flowers, and did our weekly catching-up on our goings-on.

6. Willie "the Lion" Smith's autobiography, which includes gems such as his take on loud people and bad whisky.

7. A couple of pieces by moi on other people's poetry over at the new issue of Galatea Resurrects. I'll post a master list of my pieces either here or at VTL later this week or early next.

8. Some progress on older items on the To Do list.

9. Some progress on decluttering.

10. The BYM, and the doggie, and friends abundant and abiding.

11. My camera doesn't do it justice, but the view of lacy treetops against the night sky (and such a bright moon) from my back door:

12. I really like my hair right now -- it's a good length, the green gets fun reactions (especially since it's subtle enough that lots of people haven't noticed it when the lot is pinned or bundled up, so their surprise is entertaining, and then there are the people who've seen it since the start of the year and still get giggly because, well, it's me, and as my husband once said, "Casual? You, casual? You aren't casual about anything except maybe your clothes..."), and there's a nice bounce and wave to it when I free it from its cords and pins and clips. Since I bitch about bad hair days as much as any other appearance-aware chick out there, it's only fair to inflict my pleasure in good hair fortnights on you as well. ;-)

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