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GA 2011 diary - days 2 and 3
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I'm having to spend much more time on work than I anticipated, so blogging in detail isn't going to happen. But a few notes from the heres and theres:

  • From the workshop on the plans for GA 2012 -- worship will be a very important component. Organizers are intent on "a slower pace" to accommodate need to reflect as people train for and perform acts of witness/community service such as citizenship registration, etc. (as compared to many GAs where people mainline workshops/plenaries/performances/etc. and don't get around to processing it all until they get home).

    (UUWorld report here; UUWorld report on the Friday Board Q&A here)

  • "Changing the World: What Works and What Doesn't" -- sponsored by Meadville Lombard; main speech by Bill Schulz (candid, funny, and thought-provoking); response by Sharon Welch, followed by counter-response by Schulz. Q&A session included an exchange about Thomas Jefferson and a passionate testimonial from a woman stating that so many more would be dead from AIDS had it not been for ACT-UP raising hell. Books recommended by Schulz included Kwame Appiah's The Honor Code and Tina Rosenberg's Join the Club: How Peer Pressure Can Change the World.

  • At the Service of the Living Tradition: our intern minister receiving preliminary fellowship. Great music from the ministers/UUMN choir and the contemporary musicians from Silver Spring. Singing "For All the Saints." Kickass sermon by Michael Schuler on ministry and types of authority; hilarious reading of Clinton Lee Scott's "A Parable for Parish Committees."

  • When the rain started to fall at the Standing on the Side of Love rally, a woman to my right openly grinned: "I'm from Arizona! This feels WONDERFUL!"

  • Chatting with other members of my church about what they'd seen, heard, and voted on (and what they're taking back to Nashville, both in the way of souvenirs and plans...).

  • Happened on a farmstand in front of the Bank of America mall. I now have fresh blueberries and tomatoes (and a bag of "Last Night's Bagels" from the Bruegger's at Epicentre) for breakfast...

  • The Green across from the convention center. Awe. Some.

  • From UUA GA 2011 (and exploring Charlotte)

    From UUA GA 2011 (and exploring Charlotte)

    From UUA GA 2011 (and exploring Charlotte)

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