sometimes it all comes outtamyhead, and sometimes i'm just outtamyhead. period.

i guess i started this journal thingy out of boredom at a job i used to have. i stay here because i've come to know and love some of the people i've "met". you know who you are!!!
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live simply so that others may simply live

i need a friend...

hubby has to re-route our dryer vent tomorrow and has to be up at around 4am to work on sunday. there's a perfectly cool rock orchestra at one of the vineyards around here tomorrow night and i want to go and i have no one to accompany me.


it's pretty cheap, there's food and a wine tasting too. it's outdoors and the weather is supposed to be lovely. it's not really the kind of thing i'd go to by my lonesome, but i guess i could...

my friend deborah is checking to see if she can swing it, but it's looking doubtful.

which got me to thinking, why do i only have one good friend here? aside from the fact that i have some good friends in other states, and cousins i love very much in other cities too far away, i really don't have anyone to "hang" with...

maybe i expect too much from a friendship. ya know, small things like honesty, respect, kindness, love, and an occasional phone call. i continue to phone so called "friends" and don't get a call in return, so i've given up. i guess we grow apart, or maybe they just don't like me anymore. i'd rather they tell me than keep me hanging on, tho.

anyhoo, on a groovier note, we're having an arts and crafts fair at our *world-famous* woodland park tomorrow and i'll be going - by myself, of course. i really prefer it that way. if i want to stop and chat with folks or see things that interest me, then i don't have to worry about holding anyone up and i can take my time.

we really do have a few vendors from overseas come in usually, and many from other states. there's always beautiful stuff...way too expensive for the most part, but i don't care. i go for inspiration and it's relaxing to just walk around the park and look. and people-watch. it's in downtown lexington, which always provides entertainment in the folk that live and visit there.

this has been a long, rough week. it's been absolutely horrendous for some of my dear ones, and i hate that. i wish i could help them out, but i'm afraid i can't "do" anything except listen and love and support. but i'm tired tonight. i don't say that often these days, but tonight i really am. i worked today and came home and have done nothing, and i plan to continue to do nothing the rest of the evening.

i hope your evening holds all that you want it to, or not, as your case may be!! xoxoxo

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