sometimes it all comes outtamyhead, and sometimes i'm just outtamyhead. period.

i guess i started this journal thingy out of boredom at a job i used to have. i stay here because i've come to know and love some of the people i've "met". you know who you are!!!
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live simply so that others may simply live

a day of rest...sort of

this is the first day i've had in at least a month with not much to do. so i thought i'd catch up. i do have a few little errands to get done. NBD.

thanksgiving was great. lots of people, too much food, but i'm glad that's over. now christmas. gah. the house is decorated and looks beautiful and cute. angel's dad did the outside yesterday while the weather was kind of mild. i have a few presents to buy, but not much cuz i'm kind of broke, but that's ok. too much commercialism anyway in my opinion. i'd opt to not give presents and adopt a needy family, but somehow i've spoiled my daughter into thinking she has to get presents. that's a decision i regret now. it's not what it's all about. then again, we should help people all year long, right? and not just at christmas time.

it sucks being human sometimes. imperfect as we are.

anyhoo, things are good. still no nibbles on the job front, but i'm continuing to look. it seems it used to be easy to get a job for me, even the ones i really wanted, and now it's not. then again, i've been so busy it's been hard to focus on job hunting. the stuff of life taking priority and all.

i somehow managed to get my computer online again. i wish i knew how i did it. but i figure if i did it, i will find a way to do whatever needs to be done when and if the time comes. it's fun learning this stuff. i'm still not even a babygeek, but maybe i'll get there.

now if i could just fix the ipod. i miss my music.

i owe so many of you emails and phone calls and stuff like that. i'm gonna try and get to some of that today. tomorrow we're going to see alice in wonderland at the opera house. one of baby girl's friends is in the play. our opera house is beautiful, old and rich looking. it's like being in another world there. that should be so much fun.

hugs, people.

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