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what I love redux

the first "what I love"

Today I love:

• The way C handles confusion over certain words. She’ll bust out with these complex sentences but will substitute “blah blah” for a word she doesn’t know/remember.

Or, she will try to remember as best she can, e.g.:
“My back hurts. I need a mattage (massage).”
“Play the Budoe the Reindeer song (Rudolf).”
“Daddy, can I have some carsick (Carmex)?”

• Pizzelles. So light and crispy, they’re like eating crunchy sugar-flavored air. It’s frighteningly easy to over-indulge, uh, or so I’ve been told.

• The children’s choirs that practice each Wednesday next to my office, especially the chime choir. Chimes are gorgeous, like snowflakes for the ears.

• The fact that I’m preaching this weekend. I switched with Senior Pastor who had two funerals this week. So we will have the Magnificat before John the Baptist. Yes, the pregnant woman is preaching on Mary’s Magnificat. I’m just a walking stereotype.

• The nights without a trip to the bathroom, infrequent though they may be; and the half-cylinder space-age foam knee pillow that R bought for me.

• The fact that we will finally meet the reverendbaby within the next month. And don’t hold me to this, but I think we have figured out what her name is. That is, I’ve had one in mind for some time, and R seems to like it too, although he wants to see the list.

• The fact that the application for Amazing Writing Workshop is done and the situation is totally out of my hands; and, that Wonderful Office Manager who is retiring next month volunteered to be my nanny, should one be needed.

• The fact that a friend of mine just happened to buy Book of Essays, not knowing that I was one of the contributors… and the book led her to this blog. Hi S!

• I’m organizing an impromptu, informal group from the church to go see The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in a couple of weeks. Woo-hoo!

I so do not love the Kenny Rogers song “Christmas in America.” The chorus is stomach-turning: Alleluia! Alleluia! A-mer-i-ca!

What do you love?

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