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down with committees


A few of my areas of ministry have seen precipitous declines in numbers of people attending committee meetings, including people who are otherwise interested and engaged in the ministry, and

Said meetings have always felt rather perfunctory, with very little getting done therein, and

I still feel called to my areas of ministry, but would like to maximize evening time with my family as much as anyone, and

I read somewhere that people in the church feel energized by working on projects and tasks, rather than something as nebulous as serving on a committee, and

Consequently, many thriving churches are doing away with committees as we know them, substituting task groups and short-term project teams and utilizing e-mail, message boards, and other avenues of planning and communication, and

You can call it a "ministry group" all you want, but it's still a committee,


that reverendmother is on the search for books, resources, tips, and best practices from people who have moved away from traditional committee structures and still managed to get things done.

Comments welcome.

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