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monday dots

  • G-mommy is here to watch the girls this week while C’s day-care person is on vacation. R and I are working in the basement. I still haven’t decided what to do about next week, when L will still be away—I might take a couple of days off, and there are several members of the church who can help out too. Mamala was invaluable as always this weekend—helping de-clutter the house, hang some pictures, watch the girls while R and I grabbed some dinner last night… although pulling out of the driveway to go to Saturday night service while the three of them frolicked in the kiddie-pool in our front yard was a working-mother low point.

  • Speaking of which, it’s time to find a child-care person for miss m for the fall. I’ve been putting it off because unlike the search for little she-who-is’s person, we are starting with no personal recommendations at all. So I’m dreading the many, many phone calls we will have to make.

  • Yesterday was our Agape Communion service. (Agape is a Greek word for “self-giving love” and also “love feast”). On the first Sunday of August we worship around tables and have light snacks during the service, then serve one another communion at the tables. The last time I led it solo was two years ago when Senior Pastor was on sabbatical. It’s an infrequent enough service that we always have re-remember (?!) how it’s done. Consequently, it’s a bit of a Blessed Fiasco—bread and juice preparation folks never remember how much of each to provide, the ushers are confused, the hosts at the tables invariably trickle in five minutes beforehand…

    And for the sermon this year I added play-doh to the mix. I had them do certain things with it as a response to the text. I also had written a few lines that pre-assigned people stood up and read as a litany at a couple of points in the sermon. Finally, we did a responsive read-and-sung Great Prayer of Thanksgiving before communion, which seems like a good thing to do in a service emphasizing community and mutuality, rather than listening to me yammer on endlessly.

    All went fine and despite some unease from people above a certain age about the play-doh, I’m happy to say that there were no casualties whatsoever.

  • I didn’t mean to be cagey about the book-writing thing, although I fear it looks that way in retrospect. I wrote the previous post between services yesterday and didn’t really dwell on my answers much. And now in classic risk-averse fashion, I’m thinking about the reasons why I shouldn’t have made such a bald statement and how desperately I want to retract it. But I will let it stand. However, I need to do a couple of things before I share what the book is about. Bear with me, and I recognize how passive-aggressive this all sounds. I apologize for yanking the blogosphere’s chain.

    [It’s not the motherhood thing, although that is obviously still there, but since it continues to unfold (she said as the baby began wailing upstairs) I don’t really have a structure in mind, so in the meantime, I blog.]

  • I also woke up this morning with a “click!” as to how to complete the piece I wrote about D & B a few months back. And I have a couple of poems submitted to a few places. They haven’t said no yet. As Clergy Novelist said recently, “Sometimes the fact that it takes them several months to reject your work is the best affirmation you can hope for.” I say this having recently received a rejection two days after I submitted something. LOL!

  • Lunchtime. Everybody have a pleasant day and stay cool.

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