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tuesday dots of poetry news

  • Last night I got an e-mail from the editor of a second mama-related e-zine asking whether I'd gotten the e-mail a couple of months ago saying that they'd accepted two poems for their website. Well no, I hadn't, although it's possible my bizarro-world spam filter ate them up. So two pieces will be up on their site in the coming days.

  • After submitting an advent poem to Mainline Christian Magazine and having it rejected the following day (boy, that's a special kind of rejection), I sent it to Presbyterian Newsweekly (love those pseudonyms), where I got a nice reply from the editor, who said he hoped they could use it. Hadn't heard anything since. Meanwhile my writing revs group has kvetched about how the same poets always seem to be featured everywhere, particularly Distinguished Poet/Pastor. As if there are only about three poets in the denomination.

    The latest issue of PN arrived yesterday, with guess who on the cover? Distinguished Poet/Pastor. I laughed about it with R. Then as I was flipping through it later I saw mine in there as well. It was paired nicely with a piece by the author of Book of Devotions, which had three of my pieces in it. A coincidence as far as I know.

  • The amount I was paid, plus $3.50 will buy me a latte. It's a good thing I'm not trying to support myself on poems.

  • Bonus conversation:
    R: I was cleaning out the kitchen cabinets and found some pieces of Dove chocolate. I don't know whether they're still good.
    RM: What do you mean? You didn't immediately taste one?
    R: No, I just wasn't hungry for chocolate at that moment.
    RM: Wow.
             What's that like?

    By the way, they weren't good anymore.

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