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Day 4, oy vey (sorry for the HTML chaff.)
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Well, I'm fine. I'm still a little freaked out by the idea of a seroma, which seems to be getting slightly larger. I went from 8pm until almost 8am without any pain meds, just to see how that felt, and let's just say "if ya got 'em, use 'em." Meds, that is . I also took off the scopolamine patch, but boy howdy, was it clear that I needed that, because I became queasy within an hour of removing it.

If you've had this surgery done, tell me: did the swelling get worse before it got better? In the hospital I was getting an anti-inflammatory, but not so now that I'm home. Perhaps that's one explanation for the increased (and mighty) turgidity I'm experiencing. I have transient pain under my clavicle and a dull ache under my arm. The doctor said don't worry, but I could come in today if it seemed like I couldn't get through the weekend without being checked. I'll see what I think at 9am.

I itch like crazy, not so much at the stitches, but globally under the Tegaderm bandaging. It's like sticky Saran Wrap and goes over all the cotton gauze. It doesn't actually touch the wounds.

I am so looking forward to my massage today.

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