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Online Football Streaming - Legal or Illegal?
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Online Football Streaming - Legal or Illegal?

When television was invented, probably the most important thing about that was that people could watch live football (well, and other sports) without leaving their home. Still, being a football fan is usually more than sitting before a TV set alone with a bottle of beer, but, preferably still be in a crowd - that's why people usually gather in the bars. There are three components of a good football fixture - a TV, a crowd, and beer. Oh, and no wife around.

What's so bad about watching football on TV?

  • It's that TV companies buy the rights to broadcast the match and then sell you the right to watch the game - which I believe is completely wrong.
  • It's expensive - as in most cases you need cable TV or satellite TV. Oh, and you have to pay for it monthly.
  • It's not always available, as even if you are paying for some cable TV channel it doesn't necessarily broadcast all football events you are interested in.

Watch Live Football online with multiple online football streaming providers. P2P football streaming is probably the largest live streaming network.
Almost all football streaming services promise you'll be able to watch live football on your pc immediately after joining. The largest selection of events from across the globe, so watching your team battle through the league and on to competition glory. You can watch live football from any part of the world by using online streaming football services.

The most frequently asked question at football forums about watching and (especially) streaming football on the Internet is whether it's legal or not.

Is compiling and selling a TV guide illegal?

In fact that's what online footy streaming services do - they provide their customers with a 'TV set' and 'TV guide' to watch third party TV channels, but they do not own the channels, they do not stream ANY content.

When a customer signs up he is given a set of FREE software she has to install to be able to watch online streaming media - that's a "TV set" Then, each soccer game the customer is provided with special kinds of links by clicking which he will open a previously installed software application for a special streaming media channel and watch live football on her PC. A set of links is the 'TV guide' - in fact, what the customers are paying for is that we save their time by compiling the TV guide - there are thousands of channels, and the customers just don't have time to check all of them to find out which of them is broadcasting the game.

To watch or not to watch football online or on TV? That is a question.

Watch live football online - never miss a match

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