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Busyness/ June 20,2011 Mon.

I feel like I have been awfully busy.

Last week there were two days of training (work related) during the middle of the work week that I went to with my supervisors.

I also had an a couple of doctor appointments and then the usual busyness of work.

This weekend hubby and I got the pool back up at long last. It was almost like a resurrection from the dead because the pool looked so dismally dirty.

Last year a deer tried to drink water out of it and mashed down on the inflatable side and let out a lot of water, washing away a lot of the sand bed under the pool.

Then the pool got emptied and leaves fell on it and it got really dirty.

I was not looking forward to cleaning it up but Hubby moved the pool away from its spot and put new sand there and spread it out and we set the pool back on the sand and spent a couple hours cleaning it up and now we have the pool back.

A good thing too with these 106 degree temps we have been having.

Our other accomplishment was to finish painting the crown molding that hubby put up in the office. We got that done and did all the touch ups and so now all that is left in that room is to change out the electric outlets from beige to white.

Yesterday after church and a trip to Costco we came home and I got my laundry and housework finished and hubby watched a little tv and rested and worked on making a couple of ink pens.

So all was good for Father's day I think. Both kids even called so that was good.

We were going to go out to eat yesterday too but traffic was so heavy earlier in the day we decided to postpone the eating out till today.

email from Libby
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From: libby chisum []
Sent: Monday, June 20, 2011 12:50 PM
To: Nancy Chisum
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Good afternoon or almost.I am still at the office sorting and throwing and donating ,what a job.I ran across my Aunt Lucillw's court case in my travels through he books papers and objects and it has listed all my mothers family sissters brothers and their children would you like to have it for your geneology?I also have your moms Boston Bag that you brought the computer over in and i have a couple of children's books by a relaive in my mothers side one of the Burgesses ,my grandmothers side Thought you might lie to have them for Grant ,i think one is called Mother West Wind .I sent Gene 3 a Happy FATHERS Day and he sent a nice reply and said he and Grant went fishing for 3 hours he is such a good father.He said that was a little long for Grant as young as he is and I guess so but how many fathers would have t hought that,they sounded like they had a marvelous time.Liz said she would come over and help me with the office but most of it is done.It still looks to fullbut I will get Seth to move a few things,he seems to be the designated one when it comes to moving things around,I hope I can get these boxes into the garage.Liz and Alan are due back to day and she is going to paint Ryan's room before he gets home this week he will be in for 10 days so I guess she will do it tuesday and wednesday because she said she had to get it back togather before he showed up.I asked her does he wanted it painted and what color and I guess he doesn't care as long as he can find his bed.I talked to Anne sunday and she doesn't know how much longer she is alowed to stay up there and may have to come home she has some people working on it.She said she is doing good but i cannot tell until I see her and I hope she can manage on a walker.i don't want to go through all that again .i don't hink i could stand up to it.she did go see Dr Allan that day Sandra sent the e mail ,i have no idea why they got hold of Sandra,she did give them my e mail ,i have to get a birthday card out to Vance haven't done it yet.Guess tat is it for now love ya libby


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