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querilously befuddled but silly about it
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To Blog or Not to Blog

I am tempted to whine. This despite my hatred of the whine mode of speech. This despite how much I despise the tone with which most whining is delivered. This despite the long exercised personal tendency I have developed (in an almost undercover manner) to whine in the ironic mode.
In other words I have devised a form of humorous whining which is virtually undetected and almost undetectable. Why, if I had not given notice in advance of this mannerist whinery which I have been devising for some years you, my dearest reader, would not know that I mean it humorously, now would you.
That being said I feel less inclined to go on about my questioning of you the witness to my willfully ironic misbehavior about which I am indeed very nearly filled with (one hopes a not too false version of)pride and not just a teensy bit of amusement.

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