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Worried is too mild a word...

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Michigan, My Michigan...

Family business necessitated a visit to the northerly woodlands above the bridge and on our other peninsula, the Upper One.

People who do not live here think of Michigan as a prime example of the word peninsula, also, they consider us a single penninsula whereas we are a double thereof, the one above the Mackinac Bridge is...or was the more insular peninsula, one that appears to be untouched by our times, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Just yesterday I spoke to a pair of local folks along US Highway 2 that spans much of the shoreline along the most southerly border of the U P (you pee, it is called, usually) not so much in mind with the world as is/was Detroit, that part of our state known to be in utmost distress in these very difficult times.

I learned of the appalling and near total dismay among those who know of the strip logging that is taking place along the rivers ruining the trout environment (trout cannot live in the sunshine) and I am left alarmed and in a state of confusion. What is to be done?

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