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The Whore of Babylon or Martina Eisenstat Comes to Town

Martina Eisenstat rode into town in the Springtime, just as the apple blossoms came forth and the pear blossoms had begun to bud. It is said that she rode a beast with 7 heads, but people simply must talk, mustn't they? Her mission? To storm the Brown Castle in order to plunder the archives of the old school called Free Mountain which is located in the sub-basement of the bulwark ensconced on the middle block of Mt Vernon Avenue in East Egg*-Dark Mews, Michigan.

Martina is a tall female, having earned the appellation Mighty Whore of Babylon by giving birth and then abandoning her seven offspring while totally devoid of personal virtue or ceremony leading to any legitimization of their arrival on this planet. (No man had ever chosen to take her to wife).

Of the Whore's young are numbered three sons and four daughters.

This is the first tale to be told of the Sons of the Whore of Babylon and a cautionary tale it shall be:

*Gary Snyder by way of Edward R Prophet

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