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When we last left our heroine, she was anxiously preparing for a job interview while resigning herself to an overcrowded apartment for another month...

No, I didn't get the job--yet. The interview went well, but they still have a few more people to talk to. I should know early next week. By which time I will be finishing unpacking in my new one-bedroom Brooklyn apartment.

Yup. I'm MOVING!!!!! To skip the long and somewhat unbelievable recitation of why I'm moving now instead of after procuring a permanent job, just know that it's Shazia's Fault. As usual.

My new place is not in a "trendy" neighborhood with brownstones and funky restaurants (like Carroll Gardens, where Suzanne and Ero's place is) but it is a decent size, in a nice neighborhood, and within the subway system, which were really my primary concerns. And it's only a few stops from Coney Island, so I might get some beach time this summer after all.

But I found this place on Sunday, and finalized the lease Monday evening. Which means to get out of Westchester before the 1st, I must abandon ship by Saturday. So I have understandably been a little frantic the last few days. (I'm only writing this because I needed a breather from the monotony of filing at work.) So you will probably not hear from me for a while -- I expect to crash as soon as I hand over the keys to the U-Haul.

So we leave our heroine facing a mountain of unpacked crud armed only with some boxes and a roll of packing tape. Will she make it out of Westchester alive? Will all her stuff make it to Brooklyn? Will she receive the phone call offering her gainful employment?

Stay tuned ....

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