Just because you don't believe it,
doesn't mean I didn't mean it.

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I was reading over my last entry and realized it didn't sound like I cared that much about the election.  Which is not true.  It's just that rationalization is the way I've learned to deal with politics, since pretty much everyone and thing I've ever voted for has lost (one exception: Chuck Schumer, but he got a bigger percentage of votes than Moynihan, who's practically a god around here).  I think it's something I picked up from my parents-- I mean, they've been voting against Jim Inhofe for almost 30 years now, with absolutely no success.

I like this picture I found on Wonkette today:

It's a good reminder of something I think a lot of people are forgetting on both ends of the political spectrum; namely, that despite the stupid Electoral College, there really are no such things as "Red" and "Blue" states.  I could say something pious and moralistic here, but you get the point.

On a completely unrelated subject, I'm going to go get my first Manhattan salon haircut tomorrow.  It's more than twice as expensive as any haircut I've ever had, but then again, I've been getting my hair cut at Supercuts mostly (tightfistedness is another thing I got from my parents).  So we'll see if a little extra expense really does make a difference.

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