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To Those Expecting Presents From Me This Holiday Season
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I'm planning on going shopping this weekend, even though from all reports it means risking life and limb to venture into the prime shopping districts on a holiday shopping weekend. I only want to do this ONCE. Well, if you want something easy like a CD that is widely available at, say, Target, or someplace else that I can hit after work, I'll make an extra trip, but we're only doing the Herald Square madness once. Thus, please let me know what you want for Christmas by Friday at midnight, or you're getting what I think you want for Christmas -- which in some cases might be more accurate than others.

I know at least one of my brothers reads this, so I'm trusting you to notify the rest of the family, okay? I hate to be grinchy but I've been bugging people for two weeks now and still have no idea what anybody wants.

On another note, if anyone has tried to email me in the last two-three days, could you call me please? I haven't received that many emails through either of my personal accounts and since I have actually emailed a few people this week (namely my bro and my friend J1) and haven't heard back I'm a little worried. More about J1, because the whole point of the email was maybe going to the Ian Moore concert on Friday and I have been so BORED lately that I really really want to go.

I amused myself earlier this week by decorating the apartment for Christmas and other creative endeavors but I've finished now and need some socializing. If my chance to do so gets screwed up because of a computer glitch I won't be a happy camper.

I think I'll go grumble elsewhere for a while. I promise to come back in a more cheerful mood.

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