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How bad was my day? Let's just say that standing out in the cold, pouring rain for 20 minutes due to a fire alarm erroneously going off in my work place building was the high point and leave it at that. Thankfully, I have just enjoyed a kick ass episode of Veronica Mars (seriously, best episode of the season so far) and the Cardinals are currently kicking some Astros ass -- which I hope I didn't just jinx, since they're only in the 6th inning. Guess we'll see if my luck has truly changed.

Of course, it would be nice if I could actually, you know see the game on TV, which I haven't yet been able to this postseason. It might not even help if I had cable, since many of the lower cost packages in NY don't include FX, which is the "alternate" station for these simultaneous playoff games. But really, this is stupid. There were 4 division series and none of those games were at the same time (which is why the Cardinals played at 1, 4 and 11 PM ET), but when you get down to 2 games you can't avoid it? Consider this: I have seen OU play football on TV twice already this season -- not only are those not playoff games, but we aren't that good. The Cardinals are the best team in baseball and I haven't seen one friggin' game. In the playoffs. Well, at least it solved my problem of having to flip back and forth between the game and VM.

Also, earthquakes scare the crap out of me. I'm used to tornados, of course, and even then you have warning, though not as much as with a hurricane, but you don't get any advance notice for an earthquake -- which is, I suppose, why they can do so much damage. I'm glad I live in an area where -- according to my undergraduate Geology class -- it's pretty much impossible to have one. I haven't heard where a good place to donate money for the Pakistan earthquake is -- Doctors Without Borders appears to be sending aid, so they're always a good choice.

Ack! Houston just hit a 2-run home run! I take it back about the ass kicking!

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