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doesn't mean I didn't mean it.

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When is a Wacko Liberal Mastermind not a Wacko Liberal Mastermind?
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Politically Aware

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I've been wanting to comment for awhile on the absolutly wrong perception the "traditional" news media have about Daily Kos. This isn't just limited to Fox and the rest of the right-wing news sources, either -- a Newsweek article earlier this summer made me wonder if the reporter bothered to spend more than five minutes on the site, or was just writing down the comments of other people who had never been to the site either. Anyway, the point I always wanted to make is the Great and All-Powerful Kos has very little control over what happens on the site, aside from deciding what gets on the front page. But another poster put it far more entertainingly than I could:

Cheers to Kos. He says "Jump" and we say "But when you think about it, what is "jumping?" And some of us say "Jump?!! Are you nuts? Somersault!!" And some others of us say "I jumped already, where have you been?" And others "No jumping until after the primary". And "That's awfully close to the DLC position." Or "I jumped once and then I saw a Green Party member jump and after that I decided, f--- jumping." And some of us say "A little jumping is OK." And others "If you give the "j" the Spanish pronunciation then the word jump sounds sort of dirty, heh, heh." And "back in the sixties we didn't just jump we leaped." And "I'll jump as long as long as I know when I land I'm landing on Ken Mehlman's head." And "They've been jumping in France for six years already, what is taking us so long?" And...

Via my all-time favorite Daily Kos feature, Cheers and Jeers

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